A New Way for Treating Critical Limb Ischemia: LimFlow System

If peripheral vascular disease (PAD) isn’t treated, it will progress toward nearly complete blockage of the arteries that provide the lower extremity with blood and end in vital limb ischemia (CLI). individuals suffering from the condition experience severe pain, can have gangrene, and have a drastically reduced quality of life. a new device from LimFlow, an organization primarily based in Paris, France received the European ce mark to introduce a system which will provide a new possibility for otherwise untreatable patients.

The LimFlow system is used to link the tibial veinis|vein|vena|venous blood vessel} and a diseased tibial artery of the leg so blood can bypass the blood vessel occlusion and reach the foot. It depends on 2 catheters that utilize ultrasound to accurately line up next to every alternative. Once positioned, a guidewire from the blood vessel side is used to penetrate into the vein and to then place a coated stent that bridges the vessels. The stent is kind of long, continuing toward the foot to supply the required support for all the new blood flow.

While not a miracle cure, as the patient, will currently have blood moving down the vein within the wrong direction, it’s going to stop terrible consequences like the amputation. “Utilizing the prevailing different pathway of the blood vessel vasculature, the LimFlow System is designed to reestablish perfusion for patients that have chronic, non-healing wounds and are in imminent danger of losing a limb,” said Dan Rose, chief officer of LimFlow, during a statement. “We can currently give an option for patients that have none today. In early clinical cases, we’ve got seen patients with extensive and severe foot wounds, together with gangrene, absolutely heal following treatment with the LimFlow medical care, becoming mobile and active again.”

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