Fight Rheumatism and Chronic Inflammation

It is advisable to eat a good amount of food that reduces inflammation in the body. This can also reduce the consumption of food that contains inflammatory agents, since inflammation is a major component in most rheumatic pain conditions.
They types of food that would reduce rheumatism are the fat types called omega-3-poly-unsaturated fats as it reduces inflammation. Flax seed, seafood, fat fish and perilla should be eaten 2 times a week. But these fold should not be used for warm cooking or frying and are to be stored locked and in a cool place. Sources of mono-unsaturated fats are: canola, almonds, olive, peanuts, hickory, hazel nuts, avocado and cashew and pecans.
Products to eat little of would be cereals, products made of corn, especially if they contain wheat. Full-corn bread or cereals are valuable types of food. If you eat corn products at every meal, add more peas, beans and potatoes. Things to never eat is margarine, fast foods, snacks and ready made cookies and cakes. This is often added to store bought bread so if you can, make your own bread at home.

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