Cancer survivors also battle trauma stress

A recent study found out that a person diagnosed with cancer have psychological scars that can be likened to our soldiers who fought violent wars. Four of ten survivors of cancer shared that they are haunted by PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder even after a decade or so of being diagnosed with the dreaded disease.

Some symptoms include disturbing thoughts with regard to cancer treatment, feeling emotionally cold, and jumpy than usual. Some cancer patients also avoided things that have to do with their illness and treatment, and this scenario might lead to more medical problems.

The findings were based on as study involving 566 patients diagnosed with a certain kind of cancer. The study was printed in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

The team of expert looked into the occurrence of PTSD in this population of patients and estimated that 1 of 12 patients had a full-blown PTSD. They looked into symptoms like avoidances, flashbacks, and arousal to diagnose. Some patients though showed more symptoms of post-traumatic stress. The latest study also showed that the problems may persist.

The study showed that about 50% of the subjects had no symptoms pointing to PTSD thirteen years after being diagnosed with cancer. Trauma stress was resolved in about 12% while 37% struggles with a worsened condition.

The proponents of the study point out that you cannot expect people diagnosed with cancer to easily handle their stress and sadness. Depression is also common for people battling cancer.

Experts are more worried for cancer patients in the lower economic bracket as they are more prone to the psychological impact of the difficulties of fighting cancer.

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