Diet Tips: 5 Rules to Break

If you have been trying the same thing over and over again to lose weight, then there must be something that is not working with your diet or exercise routine. Maybe you need to overhaul your beliefs and try something different. Dieting rules are generally effective but this does not mean that they will have the same effects on everyone.

#1 Rule to Break: Eat mindfully, chewing each bite slowly.

What to do: Mindful eating might be effective for people who has a good dose of self discipline and a lot of time at hand. And for many. It can be quite frustrating not having this ideal scenario. Alter your environment by changing the set up of how you eat. Make use of smaller plates and put the tempting snacks on a higher shelf of the cupboard. You can also portion your snacks into single servings instead of getting them from a big bag or container.

#2 Rule to Break: Choose a wider variety of food

What to do: Studies show that people who are more successful in losing weight keep their diet within a small variety of foods. They pinpoint the “safe” meals which keep the pounds off. You can vary your choices more for certain food groups like for vegetables and fruits. You can also branch out to other kinds of grains to alter the flavor and texture from time to time.

#3 Rule to break: No need to declare any food as off limits

What to do: Researches say that once a dieter eats something which triggers higher calorie intake, he or she has a higher tendency to overeat. A small bite of something which triggers a craving may actually be harmful to your plan of shedding off pounds.

What to do:

You need to know what your trigger foods are. You do not want to label the whole category of foods like desserts or sweets as forbidden but you want to focus on a food or two which makes you lose control. You can also have a serving of this trigger food as a treat to yourself but you should be firm that one serving is enough.

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