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Your health is an important asset that must be protected. Generally, you do not get a second chance. And when you think about it, your world depends on your health. Your physical ability to work and earn a living, your ability to interact with your family and friends, and your enjoyment in life all stem from good health. As challenging as life becomes in terms of pressures and stress, or in maintaining optimum health through balanced eating habits, regular exercise, outdoor activities, and proper sleep, everyone owes themselves the precious gift of good health.

You read so many stories today in which people say that good health is too expensive or too hard to achieve. Produce prices are rising dramatically, and families are finding it harder to make ends meet. Admittedly, this is a sad fact of today’s world, but, your health cannot be taken for granted. You must find ways to balance your budget with the needs of your health. For example, instead of buying fresh fruits and vegetables, why not buy frozen bags of your favorites when they are on sale. You can stock up your freezer, and at the same time, have the food on hand, ready when you want to make a healthy smoothie or add some zing to your breakfast cereal.

Indeed, it does require another train of thought when protecting your health, but once you start to think about what is needed, act upon those needs, and incorporate healthy behavior into your everyday living, you will feel much better, and it will be second nature to you. If you teach your children to look for a piece of fruit instead of candy when they want a snack, you will instill better eating habits in them. They will view those habits as the way things are done. And, they will be much healthier for the effort. Likewise, when cooking, if you omit the salt or reduce the amount you use, children see that spreading salt all over their plates is not an acceptable action.

When we wrote this HealthWant Blog, we also wanted to dismiss some of the misconceptions about chocolate, cholesterol and HIV. Every time you turn on the television, you hear another account or opinion on the negative aspects of eating chocolate or eggs. We believe that our users should be aware of both sides of the debate, and should understand what exactly is good or bad about these food products. Likewise, HIV touches all of our lives now. It is no longer a drug user’s virus, alone. The virus is contracted by innocent people who have not engaged in any sort of dubious behavior.

To help you manage your everyday stress, anxiety, or run-down feelings, we have devoted a discussion to the merits of Yoga, a simple, yet beautiful exercise that produces immediate benefits for those who learn these ancient movements. And, if you are pressed for time in the morning, or cannot think about ways to make a healthy breakfast, we have put together our best four list of ideas to make your breakfast healthy, while at the same time, eating food that is appealing and exciting.

We really believe that the average person can make their life more enjoyable and healthy, even when faced with a tight budget and little time in the day. That is why we decided to start to do something to help others by creating this blog. Welcome to our HealthWant Blog.